Facaria, a new way to read tarot.

Your questions answered. Your choice points discovered. Your true purpose revealed.

Facaria given by the fairies, hold keys to communicating with the natural world.  Each card has a fairy that is speaking to you from the other side looking up into this world. As you lay each triangle shaped card, magical patterns appear and then branch out from choice points revealing the paths forward.

This unique one of a kind tarot deck offers new possibilities into deeper relationship with the world around you.

The Facaria tarot deck is unlike any other tarot I’ve ever experienced. The triangular shape allows the reader to follow the cards without a pre-set destination, creating completely unique paths and perspectives depending on the guidance of the faeries. Intuition is important for all tarot, but this deck provides a completely different framework for communicating with and learning from beings that are bigger than ourselves. It will challenge you to see the world with new eyes, awakened to the flowering beauty and incomprehensible depth of life around and within us. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Rebekah Lassen

Facaria Fairy Tarot

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Each desk comes with 22 cards in a triangle box with a 68 page manual. Each card is 9″x9″x9″.